Department of Management Studies
Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur


About our Department

Welcome To Department of Management Studies

Department of Management Studies is a well-known platform imparting management education, under state University, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur (Rajasthan). It is a co-educational institute offering Post Graduate and Research Courses in Management Education and Research since 1968. The MBA Programme was initiated under the tutelage of Department of Commerce, by Late Prof. D.N. Elhance. It is one of the earliest MBA Programmes to be started in India on the line of I.I.M.s. It has been a pioneer department imparting management education in India. Since then, it has always had the pleasure to be known as "An Enterprise of Paramount Excellence". The development over the years speaks volumes about the quality of education imparted in the institute. This is also well reflected in the faith the companies have shown in the Department as they frequently visit the institute for recruitment.


Our Vision is to develop DMS as the most preferred platform delivering the best in class management education which moreover helps the learners to develop the ability to work and get along with others, in professional and social settings.


Our Faculty members gladly shoulder the responsibility to bring out the leader in each and every student. Our commitment to the quest for perfection is absolute. The department rotates around the mission:

  • To develop an understanding among students of the human, social and business context in which they will utilize their management skills.
  • To provide a platform for sharing experience and knowledge between the teaching and corporate fraternity.
  • To blend professionalism with high ethical values.
We aim on building brand equity of DMS along with the legacy of learned faculty that will ensure that our students attain success in all endeavors.

DMS - Making a Difference

We impart technology-based management education to develop professional skills that will prepare the students for immediate employment in various corporate and other industries. We develop the crafty skills among students so that they have the ability to participate in creative, synthetic and integrative activities. We help students to make a leap from expert in your field to expert across all fields, which is indeed the need of hours. It requires that you move beyond your area of expertise. Therefore efforts are always been made to develop among students the ability to apply in depth knowledge of one or more specialization in practical setting. We aim at developing communication skills so that the students are able to express ideas clearly and persuasively, in written as well as oral forms. At DMS, we come up with imaginative solutions, to generate ideas, to think out of the box are skills that keep you ahead in life, whatever be our chosen areas in the walk of life, thus aim at making our students imbibe this at the earliest. We give ample opportunities to our students to help them explore and showcase their talents. We encourage informal discussions between faculty and students, so that students can bring up their problems without hesitation, the solutions of which can be availed by healthy discussion and brain storming in a friendly manner.

Vice Chancellor's Message

“Everything you do must place you on a higher echelon”
On the foundation of this thought, I hail all aspirants of excellence to our Jai Narain Vyas University Jodhpur family. The University, with campuses starched over 720 acres of land covering five faculties, three constituent institutes, and having more than 350 faculty members, has been a continual platform providing education and learning in the fields of science, commerce, arts, engineering and law since the time of its inception.
WE envisage inculcating in our students, knowledge and ability, to understand and perform, so that they are able to operate effectively in all sectors of economy.
Besides, there is an attempt to maintain close partnerships with industry through visiting dignitaries, industry visits, industry specific projects, seminars, facilitation programs etc. Ensuring with these prolific initiatives, strong focus is placed on co-curricular activities where students are encourages to participate so as to have a well developed personality.
Our Department of Management Studies, being the pioneer management department of the country, has a legacy that has at all times made university swollen with pride. The MBA programme is well thought-out to be aligned with the contemporary business requirements. The focal point being producing managers with sound ground rules to strike excellence when they enter the corporate world.
Those who are looking for an outstanding personal and professional growth are welcome to join our university.

Head of the Department

Department of Management Studies (DMS) came into existence in 1968 and has been known for its quality management education since then. Being a vital part of Jai Narain Vyas University Jodhpur, DMS is endowed with rich academic and infrastructural resources, which helps it to develop versatile management learners.
I feel deep sense of accountability to continue the proud legacy of DMS that is build on the foundation of highly learned faculty, who have pertinently made transformational education an asset of this department. We stand at a turn of time, where a plethora of changes are underway. Hence, we must thrive to develop personnel who have the competence and potency to handle the global challenges ahead.
Here at DMS, we help our students in channelizing their energies in achieving things they haven’t explored out of the fear of unknown. Similarly, we also aim to contribute managers who are well equipped with knowledge and skills for the business world. As a part of this endeavor, DMS announces admissions into MBA to carve managers having sufficient skills with a blend of theory and application to cater to the needs of a complex national and international business environment.
The students shall witness a transformational journey, with flexible curriculum and intense mentorship programme. At DMS, we believe in shaping management students in a way best suited to work in academia, industry, and society at large by unifying academics and practical learning. On behalf of the entire DMS Family, I invite you to come up to a visionary business school and become a part of this journey of experiential learning.